Radicalbit is one of the most innovative
software vendors worldwide

Our mission

Our mission is to design products that make AI accessible, reliable and accountable, helping companies and organizations generate a real-world impact.

Radicalbit’s innovative approach enables data teams to drive efficiency and reduce time-to-market, staying ahead of the competition and unlocking their full potential.

This is Radicalbit

One of the most innovative software vendors worldwide. Our software solutions are informed by our vision of democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence, fostering innovation, and enhancing decision-making for companies and organizations.

Radicalbit in a nutshell


Founding Year

Highly Specialized Deep Tech company focused on MLOps & AI

Referenced in Gartner and Forrester Market Guides

Recognized as lead speaker in international technology events

Headquartered in Milan, and extending our reach beyond physical borders with a diverse team collaborating remotely

Our product portfolio includes:

  • The Radicalbit MLOps platform
  • GOLIVE, an AI-powered live shopping solution

Our core values

Radicalbit is part of Fortitude Group alongside with our sister company Bitrock and ProActivity. Sharing core values that define our team’s identity beyond technology and expertise, we’re ready to shape the future of technology and artificial intelligence. Here’s the key messages we stand for and that we try to implement in our everyday life:

Designing our future

We look ahead and build a solid path for our future development thanks to an open mind and our passion for challenges.


Being passionate

We love what we do and share energy to make things happen. We’re highly ambitious and we put emotional intensity in what we do.


Empowering people

Trust is king when making people grow. We value and empower our people according to their very personal aptitude and inclinations.


Caring for our team

Putting people first, we prioritize each crew member, fostering strong bonds, team spirit, and a supportive environment.


Speaking clearly

We communicate in a clear and transparent way to make strategy into concrete action. We boost open-discussion among colleagues, collaborators and stakeholders.

Corporate partnerships

As part of Fortitude Group,
we are proud to support: