Ensure Trustworthy AI with Open-Source Monitoring

Radicalbit AI Monitoring is the open-source platform that empowers you to simply measure the effectiveness and reliability of Machine Learning and Large Language Models, driving trust and optimal performance in your AI applications.

The AI Control Challenge

In today’s business and regulatory environment, data teams play a critical role in ensuring the effective and ethical deployment of AI-powered solutions. This entails a thorough understanding of AI’s capabilities, functionalities, and performance.

Performance Tracing

AI models behavior is to be monitored to ensure that predictions align to reference data metrics and law requirements

Data Reliability

The quality of data used for AI training and deployment can lead to poor model performance and hallucinations

Model Degradation

Even the most powerful AI model can lose effectiveness if data distribution or the external context mutates

Gain Full Visibility into AI Projects

Radicalbit AI Monitoring equips Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to guarantee model performance and accountability in production. Available under the Apache 2.0 license, the open source solution offers advanced metrics and data visualization enhancing situational awareness and fostering proactive decision making.

Validate Data Quality

Maintain data integrity by identifying anomalies, missing values, outliers that may distort AI model results and hinder accountability. Ensure high-quality data ultimately leading to more reliable and accurate model performance.

Ensure Model Quality

Measure industry-standard performance metrics including Precision, Accuracy, Recall, F1 Score for ML & LLMs. Gain actionable insights into different model tasks such as Binary Classification, Multiclass Classification, and Regression.

Detect Model Drift

Preserve AI model accuracy with advanced data drift detection. Preemptively identify modifications in the statistical properties of data that lead to sub-par predictions, and take corrective action before your model’s performance suffers.

Why Choose Radicalbit AI Monitoring?


Choosing Radicalbit AI Monitoring means adopting a transparent, customizable and cost-effective solution

Integration in the
ML Workflow

Radicalbit seamlessly integrates into the ML toolchain, providing visibility and control for batch and real-time data pipelines

to Use & Adopt

Radicalbit offers presets and preconfigured dashboards for the most relevant and common model tasks on the market

Join the Radicalbit Community

The Radicalbit open-source platform exists and thrives thanks to the community.
This collaborative approach accelerates the platform’s advancement and benefits all users.