Deploy and Serve
your Generative and Predictive AI models in a Fraction of the Time

Empower DevOps and ML engineering teams to streamline AI model deployment & serving operations. Let your data teams focus on delivery, not process, and reduce your time-to-value by up to 92%.

Integrate AI into your Applications

with the built-in APIs available in the most popular languages such as Python

Manage your Model Artifacts

Version the models, perform A/B testing by deploying and serving different versions in parallel. Split the traffic using techniques such as multi-armed bandits, shadows, and canaries

Deploy AI Models Trained with your Favorite Frameworks

Deploy your artifacts by serializing models using the MLflow Models API or by importing directly from the Hugging Face repository.

Fast & Easy AI Model Deployment

Deploy your models in seconds using Radicalbit’s visual UI or the proprietary Radicalbit Platform APIs. Take advantage of native support for your favorite CI/CD solution.

Run Radicalbit in the Cloud or On-Premises

Run and efficiently scale your workloads wherever you prefer, whether in the Radicalbit Platform Cloud, your private cloud, or on-premises.

AI Model Deployment & Serving

Leverage Radicalbit’s UI or APIs to upload your own MLflow model or import ready-made models from Hugging Face.

Transform Data

Design and run real-time data transformation pipelines in our visual canva with prebuilt-in operators or custom Python Code.

Enforce Data Integrity

Ensure data integrity mitigating data & concept drift. Identify missing values and outliers. Manage ranges and schema evolution.

Score Predictions

Run model inference via pipelines or APIs, securely storing both online and offline features and predictions within our built-in feature store.

Monitor & Observe

Track model activity and performance for Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and LLMs. Achieve Continual Learning by auto-triggering retraining when performance declines

Explain Behavior

Clearly understand the output of AI models to avoid bias, achieve compliance and optimize business processes.