Combine Generative AI with your data and reduce hallucinations with RAG-based LLM Applications

Supercharge your AI capabilities by developing and monitoring custom RAG applications with Radicalbit. Leverage the low-code visual interface and APIs to streamline the lifecycle of LLMs and RAG agents, from testing and deployment to ongoing observability and optimization.

Feed LLMs with Your Data

Enhance the accuracy and reliability of industry-standard LLMs such as Llama2 or 3, Mixtral or GPT by integrating information from various sources such as spreadsheets, Notion or PDF documents. Leverage AI to summarize and analyze data, power chatbots, generate content and much more.

Productize Apps in Minutes

Deploy into production and make your RAG-based LLM apps publicly available under a secure API. Make it accessible to your team, customers, or the public based on your business needs.

Tune, Test & Evaluate RAG Apps

Improve apps and agents in the prompt playground, comparing models & agents, and tuning parameters. Incorporate a diverse range of prompts & responses to eliminate bias and verify the effectiveness of RAG-based LLM apps.

Monitor RAG Performance

Monitor RAG-based LLM applications activity and performance, also ensuring integrity, fairness, and responsible AI practices. Prevent hallucinations with dedicated monitoring and Q&A similarity assessment.

Ensure Data Governance

Leverage Generative AI with company information while controlling your knowledge base and avoiding external data sharing. Unlock the power of RAG-powered LLM applications while preserving the highest level of data governance.

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