Are You Ready for the AI Act ?

Radicalbit helps you comply with the new EU regulation, which mandates a fair, transparent & accountable use of AI

Failure to adhere to the legal framework may lead to serious consequences, such as reputational damage and fines up to 35 million € or 7% of global turnover.

What is the AI Act?

At the end of 2023, the European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on the new law aimed at regulating Artificial Intelligence in the Union.

The AI Act was then approved on 13 March 2024, becoming applicable in two years, with some exceptions for specific provisions. It wants to ensure that AI-based applications employed in the UE are safe, transparent and respectful of fundamental rights.

A Risk-Based Approach

The AI Act establishes obligations for AI operating in the UE based on potential risks and impact level:

  • Unacceptable Risk
    Banned systems such as AI-based social scoring or behaviour manipulation
  • High Risk
    Systems operating in sensitive areas such as employment and migrations. These will be subject to requirements such as risk assessment, high accuracy, detailed documentation, and high quality of datasets
  • Limited Risk
    Systems such as chatbots that will have to fulfil specific transparency and disclosure obligations
  • Minimal Risk
    Free-to-use systems such as AI-powered video games or spam filters

What are the consequences of unregulated AI?

Legal Liability

Companies can be sued for damages if their AI systems cause harm or discrimination

Fines & Regulatory Actions

AI Act fines range from 35 million € or 7% of global turnover to 7,5 million or 1.5% of turnover

Reputational Damage

Negative PR can in turn generate revenue loss, recruitment & retention difficulties and more

The Radicalbit Solution

The Radicalbit MLOps platform offers advanced observability, data integrity and explainability features that help you monitor and evaluate your AI models and agents, ensuring that these comply with the AI Act and similar regulatory frameworks.

Radicalbit allows your teams to timely identify potential issues and biases and thus mitigate financial and reputational risks, ensure accountable predictions, and improve decision-making.

How Radicalbit Enables
Your AI Act Compliance

Monitor Model Performance

Measure fundamental ML, LLM and CV metrics such as Accuracy, Precision, F1 score

Identify Data and Concept Drift

Ensure the relevance of data, identifying changes in the distribution or external context

Detect Hidden Biases

Identify and address incorrect or unfair assumptions in the datasets or algorithms

Explain Model Output

Understand the inner workings of your algorithms and learn the reasons behind decisions

Enforce Data Governance

Maintain data transparency and traceability, apply data schema evolution and enforcement rules in real-time

Ensure Data Reliability

Guarantee the quality of your data, identifying anomalies, outliers and missing values

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