How MLOps accelerates AI Model Deployment

It’s been quite a ride.

Since we started working on the Radicalbit MLOps platform, we have witnessed an unprecedented evolution of the AI landscape that has altered in an irreversible way the perception and significance of these technologies. LLMs and generative AI, in particular, are showing the potential to bring about another industrial revolution, forging a new relationship between humanity and machines.

The AI disruption has been reflected in the development of the Radicalbit platform itself. We have grown aware of the increasing importance of control, the sole prerequisite for extracting real value from artificial intelligence. Terms such as observability and explainability have escaped the parochial purview of data scientists and machine learning engineers to join the lingo of regulators and business people. This is why we work hard to provide solutions that enable an ethical, accountable and useful AI, helping companies and organizations harness the true value of AI in a responsible manner.

It’s been a ride, and we are ready to go even further. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Radicalbit AI Monitoring, our open source platform that empowers data teams to gain full visibility into their AI projects. It is an out-of-the-box solution designed to assess the performance of machine learning and large language models, enabling responsible and effective AI practices.

Why Open Source?

We believe in democratizing the conscious use of AI, helping organizations and users achieve a real-world impact. And by making Radicalbit AI Monitoring open source, available under the Apache 2.0 license, we recognize the immense value of the MLOps & AI community. As we share our product, we commit to

  • fuel innovation in the data & AI world, while fostering collaboration among from the brilliant minds of the global community
  • empower data teams at all levels, who can access a free tool to measure the effectiveness and reliability of their AI-powered applications
  • take part in the open source AI infrastructure, adding our proven expertise to the growing ecosystem of freely available, customizable AI solutions

This is not merely a product launch, it is a call to action for the AI community. We welcome all data enthusiasts and developers to embark on our journey and contribute to making AI secure, effective and trustworthy. To learn more about our project, visit our GitHub repository or head over to our dedicated product page. We are waiting for you!

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