Radicalbit joins Big Data Conference 2023

Nov 10, 2023 | by Radicalbit, Technology

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Radicalbit will be participating as a speaker at the upcoming Big Data Conference taking place in Vilnius from November 22nd to 24th!

Our Senior Data Scientist, Mauro Mariniello, will be taking the stage on November 23rd at 2:15 PM (EET time) to deliver the talk “Streams to the River: Powering an Online XGBoost Classifier with Kafka.“

What will we talk about?

In his talk, Mauro will explain the concept of Online Machine Learning, shedding light on how it operates and emphasizing the fundamental distinctions between the Online and Offline approaches. This serves as a foundation for a deep dive into the applications of Apache Kafka.

Mauro will demonstrate how Kafka‘s robust capabilities were harnessed to facilitate the training of an Online XGBoost Classifier model using data streams. This model was thoughtfully adapted for River, a state-of-the-art Python library designed specifically for streaming machine learning. The presentation will finally showcase how this particular model seamlessly integrates with Radicalbit’s MLOps platform enabling efficient and scalable deployment.

One of the key objectives of Mauro’s presentation is to provide an operational and executive perspective on Radicalbit’s collaborative efforts, underlining the synthesis of skills and expertise within our team. He will also spotlight the use case developed by Lorenzo D’Agostino, one of our DevOps Engineers, during his internship with Radicalbit.

Mark your calendars for November 23rd; we can’t wait to connect with you in Vilnius at the Big Data Conference Europe!

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